Why List With Anne M. Lindsay?

One of the simplest yet critical ways Anne has been so successful in selling homes is that he answers his phone. That day-to-day presence assures sellers that Anne is ready to take action when the market calls.

Anne also has the experience to market your home effectively backed by a team of mortgage brokers, advertising, photography and staging professionals to ensure you get top dollar for your home.

Contact Anne today for a market evaluation of your home that you know you can trust.

Seller's Guide

This section is designed for those looking to buy or sell a home and are interested in gaining a general understanding of the process, at least when it comes to the most important parts. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, the categories in the menu on the right will guide you in obtaining useful tips, articles, and links to resources that will make your real estate search more pleasant and and hopefully give you the end-result you desire.

While this guide is highly recommended as an essential reference tool for anyone who is thinking about or currently involved in buying or selling a property, in addition to reading this guide, we encourage you to research, shop around, negotiate and take your time when making decisions.

This guide explains the real estate process in plain English. What you're about to read is an overview of the procedures normally followed in a typical home purchase. Read on and see how finding and owning your dream home can be easier than you think!

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